Maggie McMiggins



We'll never know about the early part of Maggie's life.  She was several months old when she was tied to a gate somewhere in Los Angeles.  The couple who owned the gate fell in love with her when they saw her and took her in.  They were the ones who named her Maggie.  By all accounts that year of her life was a good one.  The couple loved her and cared for her, although they didn't spay her, that was done later.
 Then, after about a year, Maggie's life changed again.  Her couple were both killed in an automobile accident.  Poor Maggie was abandoned, due to no one's fault but a bad or drunk driver.  Someone cared enough to place the poor sad girl with a local pet rescue, not specifically a BC rescue, but run by caring people nevertheless.  For the first two months there was no foster family for her.  She lived in a kennel.  Then, a foster family was found.  I don't know why that didn't work out, but they only kept her for two or three months.  Knowing Maggie I can't understand how they could give her up, but they did.
 The next foster family was not a pleasant experience.  The woman of the house didn't like dirt, didn't like touching dogs and had cats.  Maggie was left to live outside in a dog run for another couple of months.  She had no human companionship at all.  For a reason that escapes me, the foster family got a load of fire wood (we live in Los Angeles, don't need much in the way of fireplaces here!), the wood was infested with ticks.  Maggie was covered in 125 of them when they took her for grooming.
 During the entire 6 to 8 month period that she was in rescue, there were over two dozen applications from families who wanted to adopt her, and there were over two dozen more people who were interested in her, but who were not even permitted to apply for her.  For myself, I am glad; for Maggie, when I heard that it broke my heart.  I can't imagine how bad those homes could have been if she was left with the foster family that obviously didn't care for her properly.
 The day I met Maggie, it was so clear that she was afraid.  But it was also clear that she wanted desperately to be loved and once again have a family of her own.  As the weeks of our togetherness went by, it was such a joy to see her fear drop away.  She has so much love to give, and.  I feel so lucky that Jean-Marc and I were the ones chosen to receive it.  Does she love?.  It takes only one look into her laughing amber eyes to see that answer.
 She may be recycled, but she's a special girl who didn't deserve the misery and abandonment she had to endure.  I hope we have many years together to share our love.

© 1998 Randy Lofficier.