An American Expat in
the South of France


(April 2005)

A Google search for "Rennes le Château" finds 1.3 million sites. No need therefore to recap here the story of its colorful priest Berenger Sauniere, his mysterious wealth, the as-yet-undiscovered treasure, and the village's historical connections to the Merovingians, the Holy Grail and other famous Mysteries, whigh recently inspire Dan Brown's best-selling DA VINCI CODE. It can all be found here.

Rennes-le-Château stands proudly atop of a hill in Languedoc about 20 miles east of Chalabre and we drove there on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

View of Couiza, the nearest big town, from the mountain road leading to R-L-C

The surrounding countryside

The surrounding countryside

A pittoresque ruin on a street corner in R-L-C

R-L-C's Main Street

Mysterious Carving on a wall - is the Treasure near?
(we wish!)

A cross on a street corner

The famous Tour Magdala

Another View of the Magdala Tower 

Abbe Sauniere's House

The Watch Tower

A street of R-L-C

The Entrance to the Gardens

A Cross in the Church Gardens

Virgin Mary Statue in the Church Gardens


An Old House in R-L-C