The Chateau des Madières at Madieres, a very small town in the Gard, is a beautiful hotel lovingly restored by its owners.  Overlooking a canyon-like vallee in the Cevennes, not far from the birthplace of the famous Roquefort cheese, the Chateau combines outstanding location, modern comfort and a truly superb restaurant.  Even if you aren't staying at the Chateau, the restaurant is definitely worth a visit. There's a marvelous view of the rocky hillsides, but you won't pay attention to the view when you're eating the sublime food. If you are a fan of roquefort cheese, you will have a hard time choosing amongst the many roquefort-based dishes on the menu. JM and I made each other choose different things so we could each taste what the other one had. Neither of us was disappointed. It has unfortunately gone out of business.