Photo by Randy Lofficier

Le Mourillon is one of the districts of the harbor city of Toulon. 

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Jean-Marc on the Corniche by the beach with Diva Maggie McMiggins (pondering the injustice of no-dogs-allowed-on-the-beach signs -- unlike the folks in the 1999 photo, we did not break the law.

Randy with Diva. Even though it was around 9:30 a.m., the sun was very strong. The Fort Saint-Louis behind, and the café
La Reserve to the right.

The beaches of Le Mourillon; across the Bay, the peninsula of Saint-Mandrier with its French naval base.

The Fort Saint-Louis, next to the Corniche.

photos by Jean-Marc Lofficier

We have breakfast at a café facing the beach and the old Fort Saint-Louis (now a yacht club), one block from my inlaws'
former apartment. 

Photo by Randy Lofficier

Our breakfast café La Reserve facing the beach has changed owners since 1999, but is still open.

Photo by Jean-Marc Lofficier