An American Expat in
the South of France


(7-9 September 2005)

Our dear friend Diane Todd from Los Angeles came for a brief visit, arriving on the Paris-Carcassonne train on the afternoon of Sept. 6, and leaving on the night train back to Paris on Sept. 9.

Day 1:
Diane relaxes
on the bench
outside our house

A quick tour of Chalabre:
Outside the
Cours Colbert bakery

Standing on the Bridge
over the River Blau

Under the Clock Tower
of the Old Church
(near the location of the infamous "
Great Fire" of Chalabre)

Walking in
the Market Square
(location of the
Streets of Chalabre Banquet)

Day 2:
Onward to
With Jean-Marc at the
Col du Jau

In Molitg,
at the Château de Riell

For more pictures
of Diane at Molitg
and the Col du Jau
click on our updated
Molitg page here

Day 3:
Back in Chalabre,
on the alley leading
to the

Standing against the
panoramic view of Chalabre

Before the Castle's
Main Entrance

In the Castle's
Front Yard

Overlooking the East Hills

The tree-lined alley
leading to the Castle

The gardens of
an old Convent
turned residential;
the Castle in the b.g.

One of the apartments
at the Convent

Inside the Old Church
of Chalabre

On the shores of
Lake Montbel