An American Expat in
the South of France

(March 2005)

...Or: We Went To Rivendell....

Molitg-les-Bains (the name is pronounced "Molitch" and means "Big Mill")
is a small mountain village located in the Pyrénées-Orientales Department, just south of the Aude,
somewhere between Prades and Quillan. It is famous for its thermal station and even has its own website. On the photo above, a car approaches Molitg from the South.

The Thermal Station & the Hotel are built inside and alongside the cliffs

The entrance to Molitg's Thermal Station, off the Main Road.

Another view of Molitg's Thermal Station nested in its Hollow

Looking Down from the Road towards the Station and its Pool

The Castle Overlooking the Station

The River Castellane crosses the Gorge at the Bottom of the Hill

Another view of the Castellane

The Road from Prades to Quillan crosses Molitg

Roadside in Molitg

Molitg's Church is at a Crossroad - right is South towards Prades, left is towards the Old Village on the high plateau.
(Maggie and handler right on the picture as well.)

Another view of the Church and the same Crossroad. Behind the photographer is the road north towards Quillan.

Maggie and Her Faithful Servant walk leisurely past the entrance to Molitg's Church.

Another view of Molitg's Church

The Church's Square by the Road offers a beautiful Fountain.

Adieu, Molitg!


Randy & Diva
by the Entrance
of the Chateau de Riell
(will not admit dogs)

Inside the
Chateau de Riell.
Diane in the background.

The cat is on the roof!
(Chateau de Riell)

The Col du Jau
back towards Axat
(1600 m high)

Diane at the Col du Jau

Col du Jau
(don't miss the
Gorges of St George on the way home!)

In season, excellent food (specialty: crepes!) can be found at Les Marronniers in the Old Village of Molitg, up the hill.