JM moved there, on the Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire, across from the Winter Circus, with his parents in 1972. After he relocated to LA in 1979, we visited there very often. His folks left in 2011.

Above are a series of photos taken during a Xmas visit in 2017, including the decorations at the Galeries Lafayette, the Bastille, the Boulevards and the Gare de Lyon. 

Later you'll see the Winter Circus and the building where JM's folks used to live. Then there are photos of one of the original, smaller prototypes for the world-famous Statue of Liberty across from the Eiffel Tower and the Television House on a a beautiful, small island.

Finally, one of the joys of being in Paris is visiting the bouquinistes (second-hand book stands) along the Seine and walking across the river to the Ile Saint-Louis (the smaller island) and having one of Bertillon's succulent ice creams.