Perouges is an authentic medieval city located in the Ain, about 30 km to the north-east of Lyon.  The city itself is considered a historical monument and has been kept remarkably preserved since the 14th century.  

The Ostellerie du Vieux Perouges is the ONLY "real" hotel-restaurant within the city walls.  I suppose there are other things on the menu, but what I recommend with all my heart is the Poulet de Bresse, a local chicken raised on pure grain according to traditional methods.  It is wonderful!  This truly is a chicken that is unlike anything that we modern folk are used to eating. Like the finest wines it is an "appelation control√©e" which means that the breed as well as the conditions in which the birds are raised are guaranteed to be of a certain quality. Have it roasted and served with a fabulous "gratin dauphinois" (marvelous potatoes!) and you won't be disappointed.