If Your Possum Go Daylight

IF YOUR POSSUM GO DAYLIGHT And Other Twisted Verses For Children To Share With Their Parents
by Randy Lofficier illustrated by Raven OKeefe

Black Coat Press, 2009
US$ 12.95 /GBP 9.99
5.5x8.5 tpb, 60 pages
ISBN-10: 1-934543-78-0
ISBN-13: 978-1-934543-78-8

IF YOUR POSSUM GO DAYLIGHT attempts to blend whimsical illustrations and inappropriate verse into a whole that is greater than each of its parts.

Raven OKeefe and Randy Lofficier have been sisters-in-spirit for over 10 years, often inspiring each other with wild ideas and flights of fantasy. This collaboration came together after an offhand remark in an email sparked their warped imaginations.

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