Who are we? What area do we cover?
What services do we offer?
How much is this going to cost?

Who are we?

We (Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier) are a French-American couple who moved to the region in 2005 after living in Los Angeles, California, for 30 years, where Jean-Marc (who has a Law Degree from the Sorbonne) was also a licensed talent agent. Jean-Marc was also a fully licensed French real estate broker. You can read more about us and our life
on this page.

What area do we cover?

The Quercorb, the Razès, the Aude's Haute Vallée... Basically a square defined to the north by Pamiers (west) and Limoux (east) and to the south by Lavelanet (west) and Quillan (east). There is a
partial map of the area here; we also invite you to look at photos we've taken of various towns and villages in the area here.

What services do we offer?

When people from abroad move to France, they are sometimes surprised to discover that no one, in the French real estate system, stands for the buyer and, more generally, to assist them in the myriad of undertaking required once they are in France.

We offer a wide range of consulting and translation services, including general legal advice, introduction to artisans, help with negotiations, administrative tasks, dealing with real estate agents, notaires (solicitors) and civil servants, insurance companies, the electric company, the telephone company, getting workers' estimates, translations of documents, letter writing, etc.

Further, we can diligently canvas the region to find properties matching your criteria, both from seller's agents as well as sellers who do not use agents and seek out properties not yet on the market. We'll visit the properties, take photos, talk to the local authorities, investigate the properties' pros and cons, and report to you in detail, by telephone and/or e-mail. Once you are in the area, we'll accompany you on every visit and facilitate your stay in the region.

We work for the buyer, not for the seller. We do not collect fees from the seller, the artisans, etc. In fact, we collect no other fees but what you pay us.

How much is this going to cost?

We charge 15 euros per hour.